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English Literature Professionals Forum

English Literature Professionals Forum or E-ProF, the first ever professional forum for English literature professionals for career growth, exchange of ideas and academic enrichment[in Kerala? in India?] was launched on 21 August 2015, under the able leadership of Dr.Kalyani Vallath. This novel initiative since then has touched hundreds of graduates and postgraduates in English Literature and Language with rewarding developmental opportunities. Enhanced employability through on-going skill development and academic research being our focus, we have already conducted workshops and orientation programs of national and international stature.

This forum emerged in response to a variety of requests we received for Academicians, Translators, Copywriters, Life Skills Trainers, Editors, Content Developers, Language Experts and more! We found that often it is difficult to respond to these requests due to two reasons. One, there was a scarcity of trained resource persons whom we could vouch for and project as professionals. Two, the available few were scattered all over the country and connecting with them with the request-of-the-hour often resulted in delays. . As a result, unfortunately, opportunities never met qualified aspirants. It was here that a connecting platform like E-ProF came into the picture.

Our market is in need of professionals with strong language skills. With globalization and connect that is needed to establish around the globe, English is in great demand. There are mounting requirements for editors, translators, course developers, copy writing experts etc. to help the growing business world boundaries. E-ProF is our attempt to respond to these pronounced requirements in the market.

We are on our way to get accredited by reputed universities. Already, we are visible to many companies and organisations that are in need of our service. One of the international groups that we are associated with is Helen O'Grady International. This is a 35 year old organization, now operating from 35 countries with Head Quarters in UK.
A national group of significance, Indian Association for Life Skills Education (IALSE) has already been supporting us in our Train the Trainer workshops for Life Skills Trainers. This is only the start. We are confident of creating a stronger presence amongst academia and diverse professions, for the greater prospects of all who are associated with us.


  • To serve as an effective common platform for all graduates and postgraduates in English
  • To promote togetherness, synergy, camaraderie, cohesion and productive interaction among graduates and postgraduates in English
  • To professionalize and update English language and literature studies practices
  • To explore, identify and secure all possibilities and scope of English language and literature studies
  • To provide practical training and tangible support for English professionals to pursue English language and literature as a profession
  • To organize and facilitate seminars, classroom sessions, get-togethers, meetings, workshops, camps and cultural tours etc. for the academic and professional benefit of members and others
  • To explore, locate and facilitate suitable employment opportunities for English professionals
  • To serve as an accredited talent and resource pool of English language and literature professionals
  • To promote interdisciplinary studies, projects, seminars and workshops etc. where English language and literature can engage with other disciplines in a technical, creative or academic way to develop and deliver better products and services for the society
  • Concerning English language To support and promote any and all matters

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